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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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China stops its major Covid tracking app

China on Monday stated that they will stop using the major COVID tracking app as virus rules ease.

After more than two years in operation, the state-run Communications Itinerary Card, which determines whether a person has visited a high-risk location based on their phone signal, will go down at midnight Tuesday.

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A few days before the announcement, China declared an end to widespread lockdowns, a requirement for central facility quarantines, and a general relaxation of testing restrictions, abandoning its zero-Covid approach.

However, leading Chinese health expert Zhong Nanshan issued a warning about the prevalent Omicron variation growing swiftly across the nation on Sunday’s official media.

Millions of individuals had to enter their phone numbers into the Itinerary Card, which produced its distinctive green arrow, to move across provinces or enter events.

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It was a significant component of China’s zero-Covid policy.


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