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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Climate change will cause humanitarian crisis in 2023, study suggests

The NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC) study suggested that Climate Change will accelerate humanitarian crises around the world in 2023.

The report also added that humanitarian crises will also be caused due to issues created by armed conflict and economic downturns.

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Former UK politician and leader of the US-based NGO stated that compared to 81 million in 2014, the number of individuals in need of humanitarian assistance has increased dramatically over the past ten years, approaching 339.2 million.

IRC study also noted that climate change is still a key factor in increasing humanitarian crises when an emergency watch list of 20 countries just contributes to 2 percent of global CO2 emission.

The report noted, “2022 has shown that the role of climate change in accelerating the global humanitarian crisis is undeniable.”

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It also pointed out that excessive rains have caused catastrophic food insecurity in Somalia and Ethiopia and killed thousands in Pakistan.

Additionally, the IRC noted that there was a need to proactively invest in climate change prevention and mitigation.

Additionally, as of November 2022, there was a $27 billion global discrepancy between funding humanitarian requirements and supplying them.

The report also stated that donors are also failing to respond proportionately.


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