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Covid travel precautions against Chinese are discriminatory, says Chinese media

Chinese state media said the Covid testing standards that are placed by several countries in response to an outbreak of infections in China are discriminatory.

As a result, of a massive outbreak of Covid in China many states including the United States, South Korea, India, Italy, Japan, and Taiwan mandated Covid tests for visitors from China.

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As per Global Times, “The real intention is to sabotage China’s three years of Covid-19 control efforts and attack the country’s system.”

The state media also called restrictions unfounded.

After January 8, China will no longer require its visitors to enter quarantine.

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However, according to reports, the requirement for a negative PCR test result within 48 hours before departure will yet remain.

Earlier, Italy Imposed restrictions on Chinese travelers and urged the rest of the European Union to follow its lead while France, Germany, and Portugal indicated they did not see the need for new travel restrictions.

In comparison to the United States, where there had been over 1 million fatalities since the pandemic started, China reported an official death toll of 5,247 whereas, Over 11,000 fatalities had been reported in 7.4 million-person Hong Kong, which is governed by China.

According to Airfinity China’s Covid infections are predicted to reach their initial peak on January 13 with 3.7 million cases per day.


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