Custom staff foiled efforts to smuggle Russian-origin ammunition

The truck was carrying fresh vegetables and fruits from Afghanistan to Pakistan

Customs Staff and the Border Station of Ghulam Khan have foiled an attempt to smuggle Russian-origin ammunition in Pakistan from Afghanistan on Friday night.

A six-wheeler registered vehicle declared to contain mixed vegetables and apples entered the NLC terminal at Custom Border Station at night. Upon scanning, a cavity was detected behind the goods.

Russian Origin ammunition and weapons of all sorts were found in multiple hidden cavities in huge quantities after physical examination.

The operation was done by Amjad Ur Rehman, Collector of Customs Appraisement Peshawar and Hammad Ahmed Assistant Collector of Customs Ghulam Khan North Waziristan.

The officials started the investigation and search for the arrest of the involved culprits. Inventory of the goods recovered was also shared by the authorities.

A made in USA Rifle M-16 without a magazine along with a made in Yugoslavia submachine gun (SMG) was found.

The total number of foreign-origin bullets was 50,132 hidden in different places of the Mazda truck.

According to authorities, 1680 Kg of fresh green chilli, 4200 Kg of fresh apple, and 1050 Kg of fresh cucumber were also caught in an effort to smuggle.


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