Dar challenges Imran to live debate on economy

Among choices of saving politics or state we chose Pakistan, administration repairing damage caused by Imran

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has challenged Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan to participate in a live discussion on the economy.

Imran Khan should accept the challenge and come to the live debate with me, Ishaq Dar stated in his video speech. He said that Imran Khan has told frequent lies and made misleading claims.

Dar said that given the choice between saving politics and the state but they chose to rescue the state. He said that the administration was repairing the damage caused by Imran Khan.

Imran Khan was condemned by Ishaq Dar who said that Khan was to blame for the current state of economic affairs in Pakistan.

Finance Minister claimed that Imran Khan has once again given inaccurate economic data and PTI Chairman believed that if his administration falls the state would also fall.

According to the finance minister, Imran Khan’s goal and motto were contrary. He said that they have saved the state from the dire circumstances caused by the PTI era. He said that they were not to blame for the current economic problem, Imran is.

According to Ishaq Dar, Pakistan is currently dealing with the effects of a drama that began five years ago. The economy was strengthening under Nawaz Sharif and the stock market was the best in South Asia and ranked sixth globally.