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Drama ‘Habs’ to offer another story of rich boss marrying a poor employee

Teasers for the much-awaited drama serial of Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah are finally out, the BTS of which were making rounds on social media for quite a while. The serial is titled ‘Habs’ and has been written by Aliya Makhdoom in collaboration with Six Sigma Entertainment, while the director happens to be Musaddiq Malek, both of which sound comparatively newer names in the field of drama-making.

An honest take on the teasers would be the acceptance of the fact that ‘Habs’ unfortunately does not promise anything new or off the track, but another story of another poor girl on whose shoulders lies the burden of providing for her widowed mother and wedding off her younger sisters. Like what several Pakistani dramas have shown before, the poor girl (Ushna Shah) then finds a job in the office of a filthy rich man (Feroze Khan) and the two marry each other. Workplace non-professionalism is something the Pakistani audience has had its fair share of, and would definitely not want more of.

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It’s highly disappointing that this much-awaited drama serial’s teasers have nothing new to offer to the viewers. The only surprise it may carry is Ayesha Omar’s special appearance in the role of a glamorous lady, but only to ruin the life of a couple, thus making ‘Habs’ revolve around a love triangle as well, adding another clichéd perspective to the story of ‘Habs’.



  1. What is the trouble to a rich man to marry a poor girl,should the nation know the motives and the push and the pull factors that agree him to go for such a bad decision.And what is the fate and sustainability of such ugly marriages,”I married you since you were the poor one and despite disagreeing of my parents”.
    Why we have the poor and the unheard and uncounted in the society,should we discuss the reasons behind that dragged the majority to a poverty lines.
    Is it the product of the corruption of the rulers, the elites and the rich or the examination by the Allah we most claim and project,Allah did not produce anybody to beg and produced more their their desires and even to give others in need.


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