ECP decides to conduct by-polls as per schedule

Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to conduct the by-polls as per the schedule.

The decision was made in an emergency meeting convened over terror threats during elections. A special report sent by the intelligence agencies was considered.

The report of agencies had stated that there was a threat of terrorism at polling stations during the by-polls. The threat was termed as a major one by the agencies in the report.

The report had stated that strict security should be provided during the by-polls. The deployment of police only during the by-polls had also been declared insufficient in the report. The report had also stated of a threat of attack on political personalities in Punjab in the coming days on basis of political tensions.

The report had also said that police alone could not maintain the law and order situation.

By-elections will be held in a total of 11 constituencies on October 16. Candidates of different political parties will contest each other in eight constituencies of the National Assembly and three constituencies of Punjab Assembly. The election campaign will end tonight in all constituencies where elections will be held on Sunday.

Interior Ministry has already written to ECP for postponement of by-polls.

Earlier on October 8, the interior ministry had requested the ECP to postpone the by-elections for 90 days because the security forces were busy in carrying out flood relief operations. Meanwhile, in the recent letter, it was stated that due to threats of terrorist attacks during by-polls, the elections should be postponed.


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