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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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EditorialExposing Indian terrorism

Exposing Indian terrorism

The government’s decision to expose proof of Indian terrorism in Pakistan and human rights violations in Kashmir to the international community and the UN is a prudent one. On the one hand, proof of terrorism by the Indian secret agency “RAW” is evident; on the other hand, the presence of a senior officer of the Indian Navy, Kulbhushan Yadav, in a Pakistani jail and his confession proves that India participated in terrorist activities in Pakistan. In the UN Security Council, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto spoke out in favour of resolving the Kashmir dispute. Bilawal Bhutto challenged India to abide by the Security Council resolution rather than making lame excuses. The UN Security Council agenda, which Pakistan regards to be a multilateral agenda, has a very critical issue that has been overlooked, according to the foreign minister, and this issue needs to be handled. Back at home, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar stated that recurrent terror attacks indicated India’s ongoing antagonism and use of terrorist proxies against the country. She urged the international community and the UN to hold India responsible for committing terrorism in Pakistan based on the abundant, conclusive evidence. Regarding the bombing that occurred on June 23, 2021, close to the home of Jamaat-e-Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed, Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated during a press conference in Islamabad that India was involved in the Johar Town tragedy. The terrorist cell responsible for the Johar Town explosion was connected to “RAW,” whose major members have been detained, according to statements made by both the interior minister and the state minister.

India invests millions of dollars in terrorism, and as a result, Interpol has issued red warrants for the arrest of Indian agents. Operation Ridd al-Fasaad, which eliminated terrorist groups from the northern territories, showed that India had malicious plans when a senior Indian official publicly stated that India would give over the duty to the group known as Daesh. Pilot Abhinandan was recently detained during a helicopter invasion that was carried out in the past under the pretence of surgical strikes on the military front. An Indian missile landing in Mian Chanu is fresh in people’s minds. The Indian submarine repeatedly entered the maritime boundaries and then left after receiving a warning from the Pakistani Navy. By causing disasters like the burning of the Samjhauta Express, the attack on the Parliament, and the bloodbath in Mumbai on its own turf, India must hold Pakistan responsible for terrorism. The truth, however, is India is willing to sacrifice human life in order to further the goals of the Delhi administration. Pakistan should dispatch delegations across the world while waging a campaign to expose Indian terror against Pakistan. It is vital to do this task in order to tell foreign forums about India’s terrorist actions, but merely mailing the dossier is insufficient; a thorough “follow-up” is also required. The notion that the atmosphere of peace and cooperation among surrounding nations is a source of prosperity for them all should also be conveyed to India intellectually.

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