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Gas shipments won’t restart until ‘collective West’ relaxes sanctions: Russia

The Kremlin made scathing remarks about shutting off Russia’s natural gas flow to Europe via the crucial Nord Stream 1 pipeline on Monday, saying that shipments would not restart until the ‘Collective West’ relaxes sanctions.

According to Reuters, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov during a conference call stated, “Problems with gas supply arose because of the sanctions imposed on our country by Western states, including Germany and Britain.”

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Peskov stated that if sanctions are loosened, Nord Stream 1 will “definitely” start supplying Europe again.

Russian national gas firm Gazprom has already been reducing natural gas supplies through the Nord Stream 1 for a few months before totally shutting off its delivery last Friday.

The firm and the Kremlin have asserted without wavering that the cause for the slowed gas shipments was technical.

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The standard Dutch natural-gas futures rose by up to 36% in a single day on Monday as a result of the complete shutdown of Nord Stream 1.

Around 40% of the natural gas used in Europe comes from Russia, and the majority of it is shipped via pipelines.

According to Reuters, more than one-third of Russia’s 155 billion cubic meters of fuel exported to Europe in 2021 came via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.



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