Govt’s tough decisions to improve conditions in few months: Mian Mansha

Renowned business tycoon Mian Mansha has said that the government was moving in the right direction by taking hard decisions, and that conditions would improve in a few months.

Speaking to a local TV channel, the famous industrialist said that he had noticed that the increased oil prices had reduced the mobilization of vehicles, which showed wisdom.

According to Mansha that this thinking pattern would reduce the oil consumption. He added that he had advised government functionaries to give hope to the people.

The businessman also emphasized the benefits of privatization and said that it could lead to an increase in foreign direct investment.

Speaking about business in Pakistan, he said that Pakistani companies may not be the same size as India but they were capable of achieving their targets.

He added that since the ‘NAB issue’ had been solved, we needed to bring in private investors as ‘harassment won’t be the order of the day’.

Speaking about foreign investment in the country, the industrialist said that the country was in need of foreign exchange, which was not possible without exports.

Mansha also underscored the need for ‘aggressive marketing’ in order to attract investment, which should be supplemented by the provision of a conducive atmosphere by the government.

The businessman opined that the country’s growth rate should not be less than 10 percent.

He further said that Pakistan’s real issue was incompetence and not corruption, and that the reason that a perception of corruption was built was because of politicians fighting on television screens.