‘Imported govt’ responsible for poor economy, says Rashid

Former interior minister Sheikh Rashid on Friday blamed the coalition government for the economic chaos in the country.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Rashid said that the “imported government” was another name for interest-oriented people. “It is a group of thugs who are not popular among the masses. They have fallen out of the public eye,” he said in a tweet.

He further said that the coalition government would go for elections once their cases were over.

He also criticised Finance Minister Miftah Ismail, saying he was all set to bring about the 4th “injection” of inflation.

Commenting on the current economic crisis, he said that dollar had reached Rs210. He criticised the proposal for shutting the markets early at 7 pm. He tweeted that the decision would starve the shopkeepers. “These parties are digging their graves. Imran Khan has conquered the hearts of the nation.”

He also criticised the foreign policy of the government, saying that the American ambassador was active while the Chinese ambassador was out. “India is destroying the houses of Muslims, while this government wants to trade with it.”

Regarding the removal of Pakistan from the FATF grey list, the former interior minister gave the development’s credit to PTI Chairman Imran Khan and the military, along with the Defence Ministry and officials who worked hard for the cause.