Imran bashes govt fascism, gives economic roadmap for future

A large number of PTI supporters participate by walking miles due to blockades.

Addressing a mammoth gathering of his party’s supporters at Minar-e-Pakistan, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said he only wanted elections in the country, and not a clash.

In his latest public gathering at the historic monument, Imran once again showed intention to thrive for the betterment of the country and rejuvenate his struggle. Addressing a large crowd, he said, that his intentions are rightful and have faith in Allah that he will come out victorious of this draconian time. He said about 2,000 of his workers have been arrested. Moreover, he added, that 40 case of terrorism have been registered against him, what will they do to ordinary citizens. The citizens of rural areas have been experiencing crushing pressure from feudals and other power holders in those areas. The unjust system in the interior Sindh is one of the cruel systems of the world

These corrupt leaders, indicating towards the coalition government, he said, they have made a mess out of country and a mass exodus in underway. The lawlessness and the absence of rule of law is forcing citizens to emigrate from the country. He said, through-out the course of history it has been established that the system of injustice cannot prevail. He also showed optimism that these shackles we are experiencing today will also be withered away.

The Pakistanis leaving their home country are much very depressed but they cannot return due to the rampant corruption and the current system of injustice. He vowed once again to make Pakistan an Islamic republic in true sense. In medieval ages, the Arabs came out of nowhere and dominated the world later. They experienced a lot of hardships but firm faith led them towards success and they defeated the dominant world powers back then.

He said we should learn from their experience and make a state based on the principle of Islamic state under the leadership of the blessed prophet and his companions. The rule of law in that empire was extra-ordinary. The PTI chairman also quoted a lot of happenings in that Islamic empire to encourage justice e and supremacy of law.

He reiterated that his supporters should fight against the law of jungle. “They are kidnapping our workers and making raids at their homes in night. They have apprehended his worker Dr. Rubina from his clinic,” he said, adding that the government should show empathy like he did in his tenure. “I even offered food for the long marches our opponents were doing,” Imran extended the allegation saying, the police first killed his worker Zillay Shah and then registered a case against him for the murder. They should be ashamed of what they are doing.

Khan said the administration first gave permission for rally on 8 March and later rolled it back and also tortured our workers. They are trying to make a public disturbance and use it as an excuse to delay the election. Our workers were brutally tortured and police fired tear gas on them just because the workers were participating in a peace full rally.

Addressing his supporters, Imran said that he is going give a programme to get the country out of its prevailing crises. “One thing is clear, whoever is in power, they will get a message today that people’s passion cannot be curbed via hurdles and containers,” he said, adding that around 2,000 PTI workers have been put behind bars only to create hurdles for today’s rally. Holding the incumbent rulers responsible for the current situation of the country, he questioned did our ancestors gave sacrifices for this Pakistan?

He said that level playing field does not mean that tie Imran Khan’s hands and give others all the facilities but it means to give an equal opportunity to all. “I have completed century of cases, I might even cross 150. I have 40 terrorism cases registered against my name. Poor spend their entire life fighting false cases in this country,” he added. He said that in Sindh, on one cannot stand up against the influential people. “They call it Zardari system.” Imran said that the ‘real freedom’ will only come if rule of law prevails in the country.

Imran said that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was begging around the world but still was getting no reprieve. “[General (retd)] Bajwa says he used to scold him (Shehbaz) for 40 minutes and he used to listen without uttering a word,” he said, adding that, “this is what happens when you come to power through backdoor”.