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Imran invites govt to hold talks over general election date

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran khan on Friday in a video address invited the PDM-led government to hold talks over the date of the general elections.

Khan in his online address from Zaman park Lahore stated, “Give us a date for elections or we will dissolve the KP and Punjab assemblies.”

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PTI leader also stated that if two provinces’ assemblies got dissolved then around 66% of Pakistan would have to vote by-polls.

Khan also stated that the only way to get the country out of this unstable condition is through elections.

The former premier also slammed the PDM govt by saying, “Country is at the edge of destruction due to the past 7 month’s performance of PDM.”

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Imran bemoaned the rising unemployment and inflation rates under the current administration and declared that holding early general elections was the only option to save the country from defaulting.

“We have the full backing of PML-Q. CM Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi will disband the provincial assembly on my call,” Khan said.

The former cricketer also slammed minister of finance Ishaq dar stating that Remittances have begun to decline, tax revenue is dropping, default risks are rising, and Ishaq Dar is sitting in silence in a corner.

Khan also urged that no elections mean no political stability in the country.

Imran khan called off his long march last week and announced quitting assemblies across the country to pressurize govt for general elections.

“We will not be part of this country’s political system. We have decided to quit all assemblies,” the former premier had said while addressing the party workers and supporters at Rawalpindi Jalsa.


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