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Imran Khan promises to campaign despite risks

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has stated that despite grave threats to his life, he has no intention of “staying inside” and will instead “go out campaigning” in the lead-up to the general elections.

The former prime minister discussed the dangers to his life, the disqualification threat hanging over his head, and the nation’s unstable political and economic climate in an interview with BBC News.

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When asked about his plans for electioneering, the former premier said, “Well, I don’t feel secure, but the thing is that I’ll be a little more careful now, I’ll have a bulletproof screen, but I will have to, there’s no possibility of me sitting inside, I’ll go out campaigning.”

Khan warned that if the general elections are not held soon, the nation could see “economic collapse,” as he connected economic stability with fair elections.

According to the PTI chairman, the start of economic stability would be a government supported by a “people mandate.”

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Despite the financial crisis, he also justified his position in the fresh elections by stating that “the harm has been done, and it will only become worse.” According to him, Pakistanis are concerned that a situation similar to Sri Lanka’s could develop the longer this PDM-led government is in power.

He stated, “We will organize public rallies, we’re already in an election year, we’ll do public rallies, which is what political parties do,” when asked about his plans if his requests were not realized.


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