Imran seeks SC’s protection for march on capital

The former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan Monday said that if the Supreme Court did not provide protection to his party for holding yet another long march to Islamabad then they will formulate a “different strategy” to overcome obstacles.

“If Supreme Court does not give protection and they [government] create hurdles for [PTI protesters] then I am announcing here that we will prepare [a] plan for this,” he said while addressing the lawyers’ convention in Peshawar.

Khan admitted that his party was not prepared during the party’s ‘Azadi March’, which ended abruptly last week when he gave a six-day ultimatum to the ruling coalition to announce an election date or else he would return to the capital with more people next time.

Defending his decision, Imran said he was afraid that violence could break out between law enforcement agencies and the protesters. “I did not want to spread anarchy and division in the country,” he said.

Imran maintained that all governments in the past were toppled on the charges of the corruption except his regime, which he said was toppled as a result of a “foreign conspiracy”.

Separately, the former prime minister said that institutions will get exposed before the masses if they do not perform their job.

“Where our country currently stands, these are defining moments for Pakistan. If institutions do not do their job now, they will expose themselves,” he said during an interview with a private TV channel.

Imran said that if the Supreme Court does not protect the fundamental rights of the people then there will be no democracy in the country.

“The Constitution gives us permission to move, to protest and right to speech. This is also a trial for the Supreme Court as well.”

Lashing out at the incumbent government for the use of force against the PTI protesters, the former premier said that the government defied the apex court’s orders.