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Imran to announce long march date today

Hints at turning Islamabad long march into prolonged sit-in 8Says won’t leave capital until govt announces date for elections

PTI Chairman Imran Khan announced on Thursday that he would give the call for a long march to Islamabad on Friday (today).

Addressing a group of young people at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa House in Islamabad, the former prime minister said that he would announce his call for the much-awaited long march to Islamabad during his address in Multan tomorrow (Friday). “Multan will be the last public gathering before the march towards Islamabad begins. The march towards Islamabad will be for real freedom,” the PTI chairman said, adding that the “PTI’s goal of a fresh election is near.”

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“We do not want an imported government but freedom via elections,” Imran Khan said.

“The sea of people would not leave Islamabad until and unless the Shehbaz Sharif-led government announces the date for fresh elections”. On April 30, ousted prime minister Imran Khan had said that the PTI would begin the anti-government march towards Islamabad in the last week of May.

“We will be giving this call to all Pakistanis, not just PTI supporters, as Pakistan has been insulted after the country’s most corrupt people were imposed on us by a foreign power,” Khan said in a video statement. Hinting at a prolonged stay in Islamabad for his planned long march towards the federal capital, Imran Khan said, “We only want one thing and that is elections and do not want the imported government. We want independence via free and transparent elections. The ocean of people will not leave Islamabad until we get a date for the elections,” he said while addressing party workers in K-P House in Islamabad.

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The PTI chief said that the reason for his long march is to achieve true independence in the country. “We don’t want independence where we say that we’re independent but we are dictated by foreign countries that you cannot buy oil and wheat from Russia,” he added.

Imran further said that when a nation is fully independent, it makes all the decisions for the betterment of its people. “Their rulers do not sacrifice their people for the wishes of others.

I will need your passion and courage for this long march. Our destination is near.” STAFF REPORT




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