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Islamabad United unveil team kit for PSL 7

Islamabad United on Thursday revealed the franchise’s much-awaited kit for the seventh edition of the PSL.  The announcement came right after the franchise announced its first cricket x art collaboration with iconic Pakistani artist, Imran Qureshi. The Season-7 design is inspired by the iconic lion logo of the team and complemented by the art of Imran Qureshi as part of the AANideasLAB: IQ X IU project.

“The reveal of Season 7 kit is a continuation of our landmark collaboration with artist Imran Qureshi. The overall kit is inspired by ISLU’s lion with sharp lines representing the team’s unmistakable spirit to play with pride, passion & perseverance”, said Ali Naqvi, owner of Islamabad United.

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“The iconic IU LION crest, with two stars for the PSL victories, is a reaffirmation that the team will play each game in absolute team spirit like a pride of lions. The overlay of Imran Qureshi’s art depicts the team’s fearless spirit of exploring new frontiers, as well as the fluidity, flow, and energy that the IU team brings to the game and its fans, on and off the playing pitch. I am personally looking forward to this kit kindling curiosity and anticipation among the cricket lovers and art fans alike”, he further said.

Regarding the kit design, Imran Qureshi said, “Blue water-like paint splashes applied in action-painting style, through an act of playing cricket with a paint-soaked ball on canvas, transferred the energy of cricket into a powerful visual in a very spontaneous and organic manner. It was like mapping the movements of a batter and a bowler on a surface. Mughal miniature-painting derived foliate patterns were combined with these abstract action-painting marks depicting life, peace and harmony.” “This was a totally new experience for me”, said Shadab Khan.



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