Justin Bieber affected by facial paralysis

Photo Credit: Evan Paterakis

After the diagnosis of a rare disease in youth, Justin Bieber has broken silence. In a recent social media post, the famous singer has told his fans that he is frustrated because of the difficulties in eating.

The 28-years old Canadian singer revealed that he has been suffering from Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. The syndrome causes partial paralysis. He also shared his picture, with closed eye due to disease, saying that he is now unable to blink his eye after difficulty in eating.

In his social media message, Bieber told that the virus attacked the nerves in his ear and face due to which his face is affected by paralysis. He gave the hope to his followers that he has been doing exercises to get rid of the syndrome but doesn’t know exactly how much time would it take to his full recovery.

Earlier his three shows included in Bieber’s Justice World Tour were cancelled due to the ailment.

Medical experts have said that the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome has showed temporary symptoms in most of the patients but can be permanent if proper care and treatment is not followed. According to experts this disease mostly affects people after the age of 60; adding that facial syndrome can cause blurred vision and pain in eye.