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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Khawaja Asif accuses Imran Khan to obtain power with Bajwa’s help

Defense Minister and senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Khawaja Asif has said that PTI Chairman defames former COAS General Bajwa despite the fact he helped him come into power.

Khawaja Asif stated during his address to the PML-N worker’s convention in Sialkot that Imran Khan offered to make Bajwa Army Chief for life and now he considers giving him an extension as a ‘mistake’.

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The defence minister claimed that a person who came into power through an illegal process is ruining the next generation and pleading for elections.

According to him, Imran Khan did not appear out of the dark, he was introduced as part of a plan and the state was subjected to his influence.

“The results of this experiment, which took place in 2012–2013, are now in plain view of all. It was a terrible launch that went horribly wrong.”

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According to the defence minister, efforts to restart the nation have been made for the past seven to eight months.

Khawaja criticized the PTI government stating that they have obstructed the paths of justice.

“The big thief turned out to be Murshid, who sold watches through Zulfi Bukhari, and because of his insatiable desire for money and power, Imran and his friends will be held accountable for this sin.”


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