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Multiple fires complicate rescue efforts in Faisalabad

Limited resources cause rescue operation difficulties for Rescue 1122

Three fires broke out in Faisalabad in just one hour, which resulted in an estimated loss worth millions of rupees on Sunday.

Rescue 1122 also opened up a pool of limited resources and encountered difficulties in extinguishing fires at different locations simultaneously, due to which the damage caused by the fire could not be reduced.

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The fire broke out at three different places in just one hour, due to which the rescue operation had to face many difficulties, and then, taking priority measures, they took part in rescue operations to control the fire in the textile mills. Meanwhile, three cars parked at the same place could not be extinguished in time due to which all three vehicles were completely burnt.

The first fire broke out at Fabrics Mills on Khurrianwala Jaranwala Road. While the Sui gas pipeline was being repaired, a fire broke out, and two people were burnt and seriously injured. The injured include 36-year-old Tajmal with 80 percent burns and 26-year-old Wasim with 60 percent burns. Rescue 1122 teams reached the spot and took timely action, and shifted the victims to the burn unit of Allied Hospital.

The second and largest fire broke out in a textile mill warehouse on Abdullahpur Jaranwala Road, which had a textile stock of millions of rupees, but a sudden fire broke out there, but the cause of the fire could not be ascertained. The textile warehouse of the textile mills covered an area of 4 kanals, for which eight fire trucks of Rescue 1122 were used and after much effort, the fire was brought under control. However, during this time, stock worth millions of rupees was burnt to ashes. City Assistant Commissioner Sahibzada Muhammad Yousuf also reached the spot and got information about the fire in the garment warehouse, which would be reported to Deputy Commissioner Ali Shehzad.

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Meanwhile, a fire broke out in three cars parked on Eid Gah Road on the outskirts of Aminpur Bazaar in central Faisalabad, and how the cars caught fire has remained a mystery. However, the fire was reported to Rescue 1122, but rescue teams of Rescue 1122 were busy putting out the fire in the textile mills’ warehouse. Therefore, despite the reports of cars catching fire, they arrived late, due to which three cars were burnt and destroyed.

Rescue 1122 officials got into trouble after three fires broke out in Faisalabad within an hour. There was also a lack of other resources, including fire engines. In this regard, the owners of the cars destroyed by the fire said that Rescue 1122 was informed in time. Still, all the fire tenders of the emergency service were busy controlling the fire in the garment warehouse in Abdullahpur, which caused a delay in extinguishing the fire in their cars, resulting in the loss of millions of rupees.

The Punjab government should increase the number of fire tenders used by Rescue 1122 for extinguishing the fire so that the damage done to the citizens could be saved by taking timely relief operations.



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