Narrators of audiobooks allege AI of eroding business

Picture source - AFP

People are preparing for the disruptive effects of artificial intelligence on employment and daily life, but individuals in the audiobook industry claim their industry is already changing.

AI is capable of producing recordings that sound like people at assembly-line speed, circumventing at least some of the services provided by human voice actors who have long made a fortune using their voices.

Many of them had already noticed a significant decline in business.

For 20 years, Tanya Eby worked as a full-time voice actress and narrator. In her house, she has a recording studio.

However, she has witnessed a 50% decrease in her workload during the last six months. In a typical year, her bookings would extend through August, but they currently only go through June.

Numerous of her coworkers report comparable decreases.

She stated that although there may be other things at work, “it seems to make sense that AI is affecting all of us.” There is no label designating AI-assisted recordings as such, but experts claim that the “voices” used in the thousands of audiobooks that are currently available were taken from a databank.

With DeepZen, one of the most cutting-edge companies, you may produce an audiobook for as little as one-fourth of the price of a conventional project.


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