National assembly shows support for Azam Swati

Treasury members in the National Assembly sought the formation of a parliamentary committee to look into the PTI’s allegations that a disturbing video was leaked to Azam Swati’s family to show their solidarity for him.

According to Dr. Nafisa Shah and Religious Affairs Minister, Mufti Abdul Shakoor invading someone’s privacy is against the Constitution. They both added that parliament needed to take notice of this event.

The National Assembly speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf presided over the meeting. The house offered Fateha at the beginning of the meeting for the souls of the martyred Ghotki policemen and former caretaker prime minister Mir Balkh Sher Mazari.

Mufti Abdul Shakur argued over Swati’s video and claimed that the PTI senator had been used as a victim. He claimed that tomorrow, anyone could experience what Azam Swati did. The minister warned the assembly that “even I could experience it.”

Dr. Nafisa Shah expressed grief that police officials and policemen were killed in the Ghotki attack. She also denounced Dost Mazari’s political victimization and claimed that the PTI was still engaging in politics of vengeance.

Regarding Azam Swati’s news conference, she stated that it was against the law to violate someone’s privacy. She encouraged the legislature to pay attention to the tapes and set up a committee to look into the matter.


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