NDP to observe 8th death anniversary of Nawab Marri

A spokesperson for National Democratic Party (NDP) has said that the modern history of the Baloch nation was incomplete without Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri.

In a press release, the NDP spokesperson said it will observe the eighth death anniversary of the Baloch leader with utmost devotion and honour on June 10.

The spokesperson said that Nawab Marri guided the Baloch nation, particularly the youth, towards a new pathway to glory. “He rejected the traditional politics of the region and introduced the nation with other aspects of politics of securing national identity and rendering a bright future to the masses,” he added.

The spokesperson added that Nawab Marri remained a solid political leader and was included among the scholars of politics and history. He said that Nawab Marri had irrigated the seed of ideology and intellectuality of the Baloch national struggle. “This is the reason that he (Nawab Marri) holds the status of the greatest leader of the whole Baloch nation,” he maintained. The spokesperson further said that Baba Marri was one of the most admired Baloch personalities. He declared the Baloch nation was lucky to have had availed a leader as loving and truthful as Baba Marri. “He not only dedicated his skills to the Baloch nation but also his life,” he said.

While addressing the Baloch nation, the NDP spokesperson said that it was among their (the nation’s) responsibilities not only to remember him but write truthfully about his personality, produce every aspect of his life and bring them before the nation.

Nawab Marri was born in Balochistan’s Kohlu region in February 1928, and was educated at Lahore’s prestigious Aitchison College.