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No need to panic due to new wave of corona, NDMA

NDMA directs improvement in hospitals, ensure supply of ventilators, oxygen and antiviral medicines

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lieutenant General Inam Haider has said that there was no need to panic about the new wave of coronavirus in the country.

Presiding over a special meeting of the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) chairman NDMA said that the public should not pay heed to any propaganda and rumours regarding the new variant of coronavirus. He said that the situation was under control and they will successfully deal with the new wave of Corona.

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He added that he was aware of the challenges faced during reconstruction and rehabilitation in flood-affected areas and was focusing on integrating decision-making with scientific data.

During the meeting officials of the National Institute of Health and NCOC briefed about the measures taken to deal with the sub-variant of Corona in China and said that surveillance has been increased at airports and the country’s entry points in view of the Corona variant.

NCOC officials said that surveillance at airports and country entry points had been increased and intensive care departments were active in hospitals across the country. The officials said that genome sequencing of coronavirus was being done in laboratories in the four provinces and the federal capital.

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Officials also said that 90 percent of Pakistan’s population has been vaccinated and the people were safe. In contrast, people infected with the new variant might have upper respiratory problems for a few days.

The National Disaster Management Authority has directed the authorities to improve the hospitals to deal with the coronavirus and also to ensure the supply of ventilators, oxygen supply and antiviral medicines in the hospitals to deal with emergencies.

The meeting was attended by federal and provincial health officials, the meteorological department, the ministry of climate change and others.

In the meeting, the Meteorological Department briefed on the weather conditions in winter.



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