Non-participation in BRICS meeting, Pakistan laments being left out

Foreign Office says member country behind blocking invitation

Picture source - AFP/Getty Images

Pakistan’s invitation for the ‘High level Dialogue on Global Development’ that was held last week along with the BRICS meeting was blocked by a “member”, with the Foreign Office lamenting being left out.

Pakistan’s absence in BRICS, that was held in China on June 24 with nearly two dozen non-member countries attending, was blocked by a member, stated the Foreign Office.

BRICS [Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa] is a forum that brings together five of the largest developing countries in the world that produce 24 percent of the global GDP and represent 16 percent of the global trade.

The country that blocked Pakistan’s participation is believed to be India, and has raised questions about the neighbor’s attitude as well as Pakistan’s foreign policy to engage with the world.

In an official statement, without naming any country, Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar stated that a member country of BRICS was behind blocking the invitation to Pakistan.

Pakistan is a key partner to China and an important part of Belt and Road Initiative. Yet, the country was absent in the meeting.

The FO statement congratulated China upon successfully hosting the BRICS meeting, further saying that regrettably one member blocked Pakistan’s participation in the meeting.

FO also stated that prior to BRICS meetings, China had consultations with Pakistan.

Foreign Office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar further said that the country hoped that the organization’s future engagement would be founded on the principles of inclusivity while taking into account the general interests of the developing world.

He also hoped that future such meetings would be held in a manner that was free of specific geopolitical considerations.

The statement has repeated Pakistan’s resolve in addressing the challenges faced by global community by working with developing countries, including BRICS members.


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