OGRA notifies increase in LPG prices for November

The prices of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) have gone up by Rs13 per kilogram, with the increased rates coming into effect on November 1.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a notification for the increase, jacking up the price of an LPG domestic cylinder to Rs2,559.53 and that of a commercial cylinder to Rs9,847. The price of LPG per kilogram in Lahore would be Rs217 with the latest rise.

OGRA linked the domestic increase to a surge in gas prices in the international market. The authority claimed LPG prices increased by 53 percent in the last six months in the international market. The domestic cylinder cost Rs1,572 in May and crossed over Rs2,000 by October.

In May, the import price of LPG was Rs74,223 per metric tonnes, which touched Rs134,000 in October, added OGRA.

Meanwhile, the LPG distributors have demanded equal distribution of local production of gas among the marketing companies. OGRA has called a meeting of distributors on Tuesday.

The price of LPG, which has been a mainstay for domestic and commercial cooking purposes, has been rising steadily since September. The price of LPG was Rs174.6 per kg in September and rose to Rs203.7 per kg and remained that way through October. The price of a commercial cylinder weighing 45.4 kg also increased by Rs1,321 to a whopping Rs9,247.