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Opposition parties reveal joint charter underscoring parliament’s supremacy

Charter demands free, fair elections after no-trust motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeds

The opposition parties of the country have issued a joint charter on Pakistan Day (March 23), in which they have said that they had faith in an Islamic, federal and parliamentary form of government.

In their charter called ‘Quwwat Akhuwat awam’ the opposition claimed that they were the backers of social, political and economic rights of the people of Pakistan. The document emphasized that the country’s administrative institutions should be answerable to the parliament, which should be the repository of all kinds of policy making.

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The united opposition further said that due to “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s poor governance”, the people of the country had been badly affected.

“Today, the country’s youth are in despair as they confront record inflation and joblessness,” the opposition parties lamented.

The charter also demanded that free and fair elections be held in the country, following the passage of the no-confidence motion, in order to allow the real representatives of the people to take charge of the country’s affairs.

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The opposition also proposed to bring forth electoral reforms in order to ensure transparent elections. It has also, in its charter, stated that it would protect the 18th constitutional amendment and would seek to halt interference in politics.



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