Our ‘new version’ possible if we accept changes in our life

Everyone makes ‘new’ resolutions and sets ‘new’ goals at the start of every year in pursuit of spending it in a better way. All of us are suffering from something; facing terrible things, making awful decisions and then bearing the brunt of it. As humans, we are made with the ‘sand of mistakes’. Yes, at times, we make mistakes which are huge and may seem incorrigible, but despite that, it is from these very mistakes that we learn. Those who do not consciously learn from them learn with time. But when we make a conscious effort at learning from our mistakes, we change and evolve into a newer version of ourselves.

A perfect way of learning from mistakes is to acknowledge them. If we want to learn from our mistakes, we have to own them first. Often times, some people are on the look-out for blaming others for their own failure or hide their mess in front of people because of fear of losing confidence. For sure, this can be uncomfortable, but until you are ready to admit that you messed up, you are not ready to make a change. Everyone needs change in life and in themselves.

In 2020, we lost a lot of people around the world because of COVID-19. Couples who had promised that they would never leave each other had to part. A mother who had to take care of her kids had never thought that she would have to leave them before time because of Coronavirus. Just like them, lots of parents also lost their children who were very young.

Vice versa, some kids lost their parents and they are now learning to survive without their parents. On the whole, many lost their dear ones, but knowing that it was not their fault, they moved on, and a lot of people moved on because this was the only option they had.

These past two years were too tough for all of them who are living on this planet which has simultaneously been struck with multiple crises.

In these years, we learned a lot from everything. Staying at home was actually very tough for almost everyone but the good thing about humans is that they are quick learners. So, almost everyone changed during this time span, especially emotionally, developing a more humane approach towards the world and fellow human beings.

When I talk about humanity, this quote automatically pops up in my mind – kindness makes a human ‘human’. More than any medication, we all need some kind of support from our loved ones. If we want to defeat these kinds of threats, then we have to unite first. We can take small steps towards humanity, such as saying thank you, donating unused things, passing a smile to nearby people, taking care of needy people, helping animals. Apart from all these, listening is one of the most important things we can practice, as it’s also a sort of help. There are times when we don’t need an advice, but we only wish to talk about our problems with anyone for the purpose of catharsis. Such small steps will definitely change the world’s ideology.

The upcoming year 2022 is a new chance for us to play a moral role for everyone. Happy new year to everyone!

Muhammad Huzaifa | Lahore