Pakistan is key regional ally for US, says US State Department spokesperson

United States State Department spokesman Vedant Patel has stated that Pakistan is a key regional ally and valuable partner for the US.

He while referring to India as a global partner stated that India is a crucial ally for the United States, not just in the region but also concerning many of its global concerns.

Another state department official stated, “The United States values our long-standing cooperation with Pakistan and has always viewed a prosperous and democratic Pakistan as critical to US interests.”

The official further added that Pakistan’s internal political upheavals have no bearing on Washington’s aim to keep relations stable with Pakistan.

US officials also said that the US no longer looks at Pakistan from Afghanistan and India’s perspective.

The spokesperson stated that the US recognises Pakistan as a significant nation with over 220 million citizens, nuclear technology, and borders with some important countries including India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan.

According to the State Department, the United States and Pakistan collaborated closely on a variety of subjects, including energy, commerce and investment, health, clean energy, and the fight against global warming as well as counter-terrorism and the normalisation of Afghanistan.

The United States continued to be Pakistan’s main export market and had been one of the greatest sources of direct investment from abroad in Pakistan.


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