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Pakistan pavilion set to unveil “hidden treasure” as Dubai EXPO starts today

The Pakistan Pavilion is set to open its doors at Dubai Expo 2020 today to showcase the real Pakistan to the world, from the rich culture and history to tourism and investment opportunities.

The main theme of the pavilion is ‘Pakistan The Hidden Treasure’. The goal of this theme is to unravel and bring forth to the world the many hidden gems that Pakistan has to offer, not only to foreigners, but to Pakistanis as well who wish to discover and rediscover the country. The concept of the inner journey intends to offer visitors different magical experiences that will take them through the country’s unparalleled history.

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The façade is also the initial introduction to the theme, the hypnotic design by globally renowned Rashid Rana is a reflection of the many colours of Pakistan and its vast diversity, from the seasons to the people. The inner journey takes visitors through eight spectacular exhibition spaces, each carefully put together by Pakistan’s top artists, historians and architects.

Within the eight spaces, a visitor will experience the rich history of the region, craftsmanship, breathtaking landscapes, religious harmony and modern day Pakistan. The journey also features the country’s leadership role in climate change. The pavilion will also offer an opportunity for the visitors to enjoy the best of Pakistani cuisine at the two restaurants “Dawat” and “Dhabba” and shop from a variety of crafts at the bazaar.

Pakistan Pavilion will also be heavily focusing on their “Invest in Pakistan Campaign”. Multiple business events will be held in which government entities, private entrepreneurs and SMEs will be projecting their opportunities. This initiative is highly prioritised throughout the agenda and will be highlighted through further panel sessions, seminars and lectures.

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Earlier in an interview with Gulf News, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE Afzaal Mahmood said the Expo 2020 Dubai will have the largest-ever pavilion of Pakistan constructed outside of the country, which will showcase the enormous treasures in tourism, commerce and investment that are waiting to be discovered and benefited by the world.

He said the pavilion built at a cost of around $30 million aims to enhance the country’s tourism, commerce and investment. He said that Pakistan would present itself as a “land of opportunities” for commerce and investment.

He said 180 events have been lined up for the expo, showcasing Pakistan’s art and culture, heritage, education and tourism. The events will also include conferences, seminars and meetings for business and investment. The pavilion, he added, would serve as a hub of business opportunities, allowing the Pakistani business community to network with international markets and investors.

“We will bring all possible events to promote our country. We will have cultural events, road shows, talk shows, workshops in addition to business meetings while the big companies will be showcasing their potential,” the ambassador added.


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