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Pakistan supports China’s sovereignty, ‘One-China’ principle: Ambassador Moinul Haque

Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moinul Haque has said that Islamabad fully endorsed the notion of ‘One-China’ and was in support of “all efforts” made by the neighboring nation to protect its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

In an interview with Global Times, the ambassador responded to questions about US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ‘provocative’ trip to Taiwan and about China’s response by reiterating that Pakistan will continue to offer its ‘iron brother’ its full support.

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He said, “Within the bounds of international law, every country has the right to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

He also emphasized the importance of upholding the principles of the UN charter, international law, and bilateral agreements.

“Inter-state relations should be based on mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs,” he added.

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The ambassador stated that Pakistan and China have always stood shoulder to shoulder through various obstacles as “iron brothers” and “All-Weather Strategic Cooperative Partners”.

The ambassador claims that given the world’s ongoing multifaceted issues, the geopolitical climate is still tense on a worldwide scale.

He added that the visit has exacerbated the regional situation in the Taiwan Straits. He stated, “We believe that the world cannot afford another crisis with far-reaching implications for regional and global peace and security.”

Ambassador Haque reaffirmed Pakistan’s “unshakable” support for China regarding matters pertaining to its vital interests, such as Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, and the South China Sea.



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