Pakistan wants expanded bilateral ties and economic diplomacy with Iran: Bilawal

Foreign minister to also discuss energy issue on his visit

Picture source - IRNA

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that Pakistan wanted to expand bilateral ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Speaking with media at Nur Khan Airbase before leaving for an official visit to Iran, Bilawal said that the people of two countries shared a historic relationship in terms of religion and culture. He emphasized that economic diplomacy be strengthened with the neighbouring country.

Bilawal said that the Pakistani government wanted to enhance economic activities with every country through economic diplomacy.

Before leaving on his first official visit to Iran, Bilawal said that commercial activities on border markets along with bilateral relations would be beneficial to both countries.

The foreign minister said that the two countries had shared borders, culture and history. He said that Pakistan was working to enhance religious and spiritual tourism between the two countries.

Talking about Afghanistan, he said that its situation was on everyone’s mind, especially the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan who were directly impacted by developments there.

Bilawal will meet his Iranian counterpart during two-day visit and discussion on areas of mutual interest will be done. The foreign minister said that progress on border markets could be a key factor towards improving the economy of both countries.

The foreign ministers of Pakistan and Iran also met recently on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum where the Afghan situation, bilateral trade and border markets were discussed.

Moreover, Bilawal will also talk on the energy issue. According to media reports, talks on the supply of electricity to help Pakistan get rid of the loadshedding crisis will be held.

Iran is already supplying energy to Gwadar and Pakistan will try to increase cooperation with it. The Pak-Iran gas pipeline will also be discussed during the visit.

Additionally, the foreign minister of Pakistan will meet the Iranian President and other dignitaries.