Pakistan’s debt increased Rs4.5 trillion in 2-days, says PTI

No indications of neutrality in institution, PTI MPs are being contacted, Asad Umar

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) leaders have claimed that because of the appreciation of the dollar, Pakistan’s debt of Rs4.5 trillion has increased in just two days. As a result, the storm of inflation that Pakistan’s citizens have experienced over the past nine months will be rude, according to PTI leaders.

PTI General Secretary Asad Umar said that there were no indications of “neutrality” in the institution as their MPs were being contacted and advised to consider their choices as their future with PTI may not be as promising.

At a news conference in Islamabad, Asad Umar and Shaukat Tareen stated that thousands of firms were forced to collapse, millions of employees lost their jobs, Pakistan was forced into a financial crisis and the issue has now evolved into one of national security rather than economic.

Asad Umar claimed that the nation had only three weeks’ worth of foreign exchange reserves left, the price of gas and petroleum products would rise starting any new taxes would be introduced.

Asad Umar said that the current crisis developed as a result of the regime change conspiracy which resulted in the removal of the elected prime minister and the installation of the minority prime minister.

He said that he had challenged the caretaker chief minister’s appointment in the Supreme Court. He said that courts were currently being put to the test and the constitution was currently under attack. He stated that elections would definitely take place and Pakistan will proceed toward a new administration.

He claimed that the Council of Common Interests had not decided to hold elections following the census. He said that it was a complete fabrication as the council was not authorized to make such extra-constitutional decisions.

He said that Pervaiz Elahi made a careless comment on the arrest of Fawad Chaudhry and shouldn’t have stated that.

Former finance minister Shaukat Tareen said that the dollar rate has significantly grown over the past two days and the government will now burden the public with higher inflation rates.

Tareen stated that the current condition of the current leaders was that they were utterly behind schedule and that if the government did not reach a deal with the IMF they would not receive the money

He said that even though he had invited the IMF to visit, doing business with them would result in significant burdens being placed on the populace including higher pricing for goods like gasoline and diesel as well as more taxes.

The former finance minister claimed that the current administration used to criticize PTI. He said that the new features of inflation were on the way. He said that Miftah Ismail began sinking the nation’s economy and Ishaq Dar brought it to final decay.