PDM puppets are in hands of force that considers itself above law, says Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that it was now clear that the strings of the reign of fear and terror in the country were not in the hands of puppets called PDM but in the hands of this power which considers itself above the law.

He said that the manner in which they took the form of a banana republic, where only the law of the jungle was implemented instead of the rule of law, was really worrisome.

In a thread released on Twitter, he said, “Our people are kidnapped who are later implicated in fake cases. In one case, bail is granted and the other case comes up.”

Imran Khan wrote, “More than 145 cases are registered only on me. There is a circus of false papers that have been installed. The administrator of my Bani Gala residence, my Zaman Park cook, our social media in-charge Azhar Mashwani, Waqas and my security in-charge Iftikhar Ghumman were all abducted and tortured as part of “software update” efforts.”

Imran Khan further wrote, “When Ali Amin got bail in a fake case, another case came out, and now another one has also come out under which the police are transferring him to Lahore.”

He said that despite being shifted to the hospital due to ill health on the way, he has also been taken from the hospital before his health improves and stability. The country is completely in the grip of fascism.