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Police devises plan to prevent Iftar tailbacks

2,000 traffic wardens to keep traffic in Lahore moving

The City Traffic Police has issued a traffic plan for the holy month Ramadan, according to which, more than 2,000 traffic wardens will be on duty to keep the traffic moving at Iftar time while additional personnel have been deployed in 32 Ramadan Bazaars in the city.

Special parking arrangements will be made in the vicinity of Ramadan Bazaars. CTO Lahore Muntazir Mehdi said that emergency squads have been formed for efficient flow of traffic during Iftar, keeping in view the traffic pressure. Some 24 folklifters, two tow trucks will be deployed at all times to maintain smooth flow of traffic at busy places as well as during Taraweeh prayers. More than 100 traffic officers will be deployed outside the mosques on major highways.

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Mehdi further said that the wardens will be provided Iftar at their duty points and no warden will leave his duty point at the time of Iftar. Senior traffic officers will also break their fast on roads to encourage and motivate their subordinates. He said that police’s job is to facilitate the citizens. He appealed to the citizens to be patient and at Iftar time and avoid haste because Islam also teaches patience and humility towards fellow humans. Security of the provincial capital, including mosques and religious places, has been beefed up.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan has said that the best arrangements should be made for the security of mosques, imambargahs and other religious places by using all available resources during Ramadan. He issued these instructions to all the supervisory officers of the province while presiding over a video-link conference at the Central Police Office, on Friday.

The IGP said that security of Ramazan Bazaars should be ensured and special attention should be paid to the security of sensitive mosques and places of worship during Sehri, Iftar and Taraweeh. He asked supervisory officers to increase patrolling in the morning and night hours of Ramadan and should be seen in the field.

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Rao ordered a special operation in the holy month against hoarding and profiteering with the help of Special Branch and intelligence agencies and asked for those involved in the illegal act to be punished. He said that security of public markets, banks and large shopping centers should also be taken into consideration during Ramadan. The IG also ordered increase in the working hours of Dolphin, Police Response Unit (PRU) and patrol forces in the vicinity of sensitive areas.

Also, in the wake of the present situation of the country and the presence of Australian and Pakistani cricket teams, security of the provincial capital was beefed up on Jumatul Mubarak. Police is checking all the vehicles, particularly suspicious persons, at the entry and exit points of the city. Moreover, search and sweep operations have been conducted around sensitive areas of the city and other important offices and public places. Meanwhile, in order to facilitate the citizens in Ramadan, Lahore Waste Management Company has made a comprehensive plan to wash the mosques of the city; some 175 mosques across the city will be washed under this plan.



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