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Police helpline receives overwhelming fake calls in one month

Police appeal to citizens to be kind to police and their helpline so that everybody can get justice

Punjab Police has said that it had received more than 65 percent fake calls during the last month.

According to the data available with Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA), more than two million fake calls were received by the police emergency helpline in March from all over Punjab including Lahore.

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According to the PSCA, police assistance was provided on nearly 200,000 calls, while almost 88,000 were received for obtaining various information. Out of all, more than 130,000 calls were fake and irrelevant.

With the help of the Lost and Found Center, 23 persons including 17 children were reunited with their families, while 221 motorcycles, four vehicles and nine rickshaws were handed over to the owners.

While talking to Minute Mirror, Chief Operating Officer PSCA Kamran Khan said, “It is really unfortunate that people are still unaware of the sensitivity of the police helpline.”

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Khan further said that police resources and time had been badly affected due to these non-serious calls. While explaining the issue, he said that sometimes young people tried to influence their friends and trap them by dialing 15.

He added in response to such calls, the police found nothing and sometimes they missed genuine emergency cases due to these fake calls. He appealed to the citizens to be kind to the police and their helpline so that everybody could get justice and protection timely.



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