Police-PTI clashes injure 10 officers including SSP

Ten police officers were injured in clashes with PTI supporters on Saturday including Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Operations Islamabad Malik Jameel Zafar.

According to a police spokesperson, PTI protestors’ stone-throwing and violent uproar outside the courthouse caused these injuries of the police officers. The injured officers were sent to hospitals for care.

He said that the protestors’ rage resulted in the burning of over 25 bikes and cars as well as the vandalizing of a police vehicle belonging to the disposal squad.

The police post and trees were also set on fire by the enraged demonstrators. Police were assaulted by protesters using petrol bombs and tear gas canisters.

Demonstrators often attacked police officers from many angles, the spokesperson said, adding that cases will be filed against the persons involved and legal action would be started. PTI workers may be seen causing damage to cars and motorcycles in video and still images released by Islamabad police.

There were clashes at the federal capital between the Islamabad police and PTI supporters, who were there to support their party chairman at the eve of his appearance in a court in Toshakhana case.

Police had blocked entrances of judicial complex to maintain law and order situation but clashes had erupted between the two sides as Imran Khan’s convoy approached near the court.

Rounds of tear gas were fired to disperse the crowd by the police as well. However, Islamabad IG had said that some shells were also fired towards the police and the matter was being monitored to find the real facts.


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