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Promoting inclusivity, coffee culture side by side

Like many other countries in the world, Pakistan is known for being a vibrant tea-drinking nation because tea is a source of joy for many. I believe we haven’t come across something more amazing than our regular tea. But over the years, the love for coffee is also fast spreading in the country.

In this regard, Mush Panjwani stood up to introduce a positive coffee culture in Pakistan by offering quality brew and an experience one will never forget.

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He launched a coffee house with an incentive to promote inclusivity and in order to do so, he chose women to lead businesses to buy most of their snacks. When women go out for work the first challenge they come across is making people believe in their seriousness towards the business. And Panjwani supported them by making them feel the work they do is a phenomenon. He further hired the transgender community as his workforce and also trained them. For visually impaired people, the venture called ‘Coffee Waghera’ has a menu card in Braille. Moreover, to facilitate the hearing impaired people, he has staff that can understand and communicate in sign language.

Besides his vision to become Pakistan’s first Starbucks, he has already made the country proud by showing such kindness by empowering those who are questioned first on their uncontrollable personality attributes. Beyond serving coffee, he is also providing people reasons to smile and become happy.

There are many other reasons why I love this venture. For instance, the people are extremely concerned and hold themselves responsible for doing business in an environment-friendly way. Their workforce is trained in a way that they try to encourage customers to sit there and discard the cups and wrappers at the space so that they can keep the city clean and enjoy coffee to the fullest.



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