PTI senators demand suo motu in letter to SC over Swati arrest and torture

Senators of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have written to the Supreme Court (SC) over the arrest, torture and ill-treatment of fellow Senator Azam Swati during custody.

Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber-crime unit had taken Swati into custody on October 13 for allegedly blaming state institutions including the army chief in his statement on social media. However, he was granted bail ten days later by Islamabad court after submitting surety bonds worth Rs1 million.

The letter to the SC has stated that Swati was taken into custody from his residence due to a so-called controversial tweet.

The letter has further stated that Swati was stripped naked and was tortured in FIA custody; adding that he had showed various [tortured] parts of his body in presence of several senators. It has said that Swati had told the court that his private parts were wounded and that he was ready to show the judge in private.

It said that Swati was treated against the constitution and human dignity during his custody, requesting the apex court to take suo motu action over the allegations.

On the other hand, FIA, on October 18, had rejected the allegations of torture and humiliation in custody.


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