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PTI staged Wazirabad attack, says alleged shooter Naveed’s lawyer

The lawyer of the alleged attacker of Imran khan in Wazirabad has claimed that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf staged the attack to give the dying long march a new life.

Naveed’s lawyer Advocate Mian Dawood said, “They do not accept that Imran Khan has suffered any injury in the Wazirabad attack as these people (PTI) are quick to tell lies, PTI staged the Wazirabad incident to add life to the long march.”

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Advocate Mian Dawood further said that since the JIT and Imran Khan collaborated to sabotage the case and are attempting to tamper with the details of the inquiry in the police journal, the JIT is not evaluating any substantial evidence as part of the probe.

Dawood also said, “The JIT (Joint Investigation Team) was changed on Imran Khan’s wish.”
The advocate further said that Imran Khan and his guard may be held accountable for the death of PTI member Moazzam Gondal.

According to Dawood, the PTI caused a 30-day delay in filing the FIR, therefore Naveed could not be held responsible for Muazzam’s murder.

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Dawood said, “They (PTI) have been talking about the second and third shooters since yesterday, but Imran Khan’s guard’s weapon killed Moazzam. However, they did not give the guard’s weapon for forensics.”


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