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Sunday, May 22, 2022
EditorialPTI’s showdown

PTI’s showdown

After losing a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has reverted to its old strategy of holding street protests for which the party is at its best. The display of a massive street power by the PTI reminds us of the party’s 126 days’ sit-in that was organized in the federal capital back in 2014 against the victory of the PML-N in the general elections. This time again, the PTI supporters came in large numbers in big cities while demonstrations were also held in Dubai and London. According to the PTI leadership, it is only the beginning as they have decided to launch a countrywide protest campaign from April 13 against the removal of its government. Mainly two options are left for the PTI for its future course of action. First, it can resort to en-masse resignations from the National Assembly paving the way for an early election while continuing street protests. Second, it can sit on the opposition benches and give a tough time to the new government. In both situations, the PTI would continue its protest movement in the house and on the streets for winning public support before the upcoming general elections. During these protests, the PTI will arguably try to invoke public sentiments by terming its ouster from the government as a ‘conspiracy’ hatched by the ‘foreign forces’ in connivance with local adversaries of the PTI. A campaign has already been launched by PTI supporters. The holding of massive rallies in big cities was a part of the campaign while social media is also active with violent attacks on the military establishment and the Supreme Court. An environment of anarchy is being created in the country. The past history shows that our political parties have never been sane enough to play a responsible role in national politics during any crisis. They go to any extent in pursuit of power.

Why could they not sort out their differences in a peaceful manner without putting the lives and properties of the general public at risk? At the same time, such adventurism facilitates undue interference by a third force legitimating their involvement in political affairs. The best way for all the political parties is to engage in dialogue and find amicable solutions to their problems. Wisdom demands that all political parties need to get united against the corrupt system and take a stand against election anomalies so that a system could be devised where a political party can independently work for the welfare of the country and its people. They need to understand this simple logic that infighting will take them nowhere. Political chaos is not in the interest of any political party or the country. They have to work on prioritizing their key grievances against the system and pointing out main anomalies while clearly singling out those who throw spanner in the works. While undermining the political opponents by declaring opponents as traitors and a belief in self-righteousness play havoc.

Due to political uncertainty, our country is descending into an economic crisis while any move by the sitting government to make the country prosperous faces criticism only for the sake of criticism. Time is cutting short for politicians. They have to bury the hatchet in the best national interest. They need to jointly strive for a smooth transition of power with a strong political setup. Political manoeuvring, publicity gimmicks, putting the general public at risk and challenging each other every single day with new scandals will take them nowhere. Think for the country before it is too late.


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