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PTI’s Sindh caravan reaches capital for power show

Haleem Adil says after much-trumpeted jalsa, politics of all ‘thieves’ will come to an end

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Sindh caravan led by Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh reached Islamabad Saturday for participation in ‘Amr bil Maroof’ public meeting.

According to a press release, the PTI workers warmly welcomed the Sindh caravan at the parade ground Islamabad – the venue of Amr bil Maroof public meeting which PTI leadership claims will be the largest ever public gathering in the history of Pakistan.

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The caravan consisted of hundreds of vehicles decorated with pictures of Prime Minister Imran Khan and other PTI leaders, party flag colours and slogans. It started its journey from Karachi on Friday and reached the federal capital after passing through different cities and towns of Sindh and Punjab.

PTI workers and masses in a large number welcomed the Sindh caravan at various places, while a significant number of vehicles also joined the caravan en route to Islamabad. Haleem, while speaking to the media, said that a large number of people from Sindh were eager to attend the jalsa to express solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan and to support his cause of promoting the truth and standing up against evil.

The first resolution for the creation of Pakistan was passed in Sindh, and the people of the province always stood with the truth, he said, adding that thousands of people on the route of the Sindh caravan vowed to support PM Imran Khan.

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The name of Sindh House has been tarnished by PPP through brokering, Haleem alleged, adding that the people of Sindh were one of the most affected population due to corruption of three political parties.

After the much-trumpeted Amr bil Maroof jalsa, the politics of all thieves would come to an end and the opposition would fall in the dark well which they dug for PTI, he asserted.

Speaking on the occasion, former Sindh Assembly member Aleem Adil Sheikh said that he joined PTI ten days ago as he believed that PM Khan was on the right path of achieving the core objectives of the creation of Pakistan and realization of dreams of its founders.

“We are at war with the forces which did not recognise Pakistan, and politics of ideology will start from tomorrow,” he said, adding that PM Imran had ventured into an independent foreign policy by saying ‘absolutely not’.

The imperialist powers made Liaquat Ali Khan commit a mistake by making Pakistan part of a specific bloc while Imran Khan was going to set it in the right direction, he opined.



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