Punjab Assembly decries PM calling Imran fraud

PTI says PM damaged sanctity of his office by using disgraceful remarks against Khan

Punjab Assembly on Friday passed a resolution against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif for using what the PTI lawmakers called ‘disgraceful’ remarks against Imran Khan.

The resolution was passed amid severe ruckus and pandemonium from the opposition benches as the lawmakers of PML-N tried to disrupt the proceeding but in vain. Friday’s session of the Punjab Assembly was almost a dead one until the resolution was brought out of turn by the treasury against the Prime Minister.

The resolution was moved by Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat that was passed with majority votes amid the protest of the PML-N-led opposition.

“Shehbaz Sharif has called former Prime Minister Imran Khan a fraud in his press conference in sheer disrespect to the sanctity of his esteemed office,” said the resolution moved by Raja Basharat.

It further added that the so-called head of this imported federal government is himself a fraud. This man used to grill Asif Zardari while saying that he will recover the people’s
money from him but now he is sitting in his lap and damaging the national interest of the country, the resolution said.

“His son is an absconder and his brother is a convicted person and he himself is facing several cases. His whole family is thief,” the resolution said. The Prime Minister should be aware of the fact that he submitted an affidavit in the court that his brother Nawaz Sharif will come back but he failed to meet it and therefore he himself is a fraud.

“This House condemns the remarks of the Prime Minister who has lost his mind. It is time that Shehbaz Sharif should learn the way of talking and stop insulting the office of Prime Minister at the international forums,” the strong-worded resolution concluded.

Throughout the resolution, the MPAs of PML-N continued their protest to disrupt the proceeding but in vain. They also played the card of pointing out the quorum
but the chair didn’t pay any heed and continued the proceeding amid sheer noise.

It is worth mentioning here that it is the second resolution passed by PTI-dominated Punjab Assembly against the federal government being run by the PDM in recent days. Earlier, the session of the Punjab Assembly was started after a delay of more than two hours from its scheduled time with Mian Shafi Muhammad in the chair. Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Dr. Akhtar Malik answered the queries of lawmakers related to his department.

During the government business, ‘The Punjab Protection of Women against violence (Amendment)’ and ‘The University of Layyah Bill’ were also introduced in the
House. The session will resume again on Monday 10th October at 2 pm.


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