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Saturday, March 25, 2023
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EditorialRain, rain come again

Rain, rain come again

The first rainfall after a long heatwave came as a sigh of relief. People celebrated the beads of water falling from the sky after being roasted, burnt and broasted by the scorching summer heat. Roads cleared out and dust that had collected on trees and buildings was washed out to reveal a clean environment. Couples who had been bickering due to the frustration caused by the excessive heat stopped to admire rainfall and even made plans to spend the afternoon together at a dimly-lit restaurant and enjoy the sound of pitter-patter. Children who have been locked up inside their houses since the start of their summer vacations are also let out to enjoy the pleasant weather and jump in puddles. The elderly, who have been specifically instructed by their doctors to stay in air-conditioned rooms, ended their confinement to feel the heavenly water on their paper thin skin and once again breathe fresh air that the rain brought with itself. A rainy day in Pakistan is a cause of celebration for everyone, especially when it comes after a spell of dry heat. Pakistanis face eight months of heat in which they are unable to do any outdoor activity or any activity for that matter. The summers are vile and it takes strength to even look outside as the sunlight pierces the eyes. With global warming and rising temperatures, especially in South Asia, it is becoming incrementally difficult for people to spend time outdoors or even enjoy getting out of the four walls of their home or workplace. Heat strokes have become extremely common and people avoid leaving their shelters. Those who are able to afford air conditioners are always stuck in their houses while those who cannot also try to remain indoors to avoid the deadly heat.

When rain falls from the heavens above the scenes change. People seem happier and there is a sense of relief. Rain has become a major cause of celebration in Pakistan, especially, since the heatwaves have increased in frequency. In Lahore, the first rain of the season saw road blockades due to an unprecedented level of traffic which contained people who were out celebrating. Even though a price hike in fuel prices caused much uproar in previous days, the maiden rainfall of the season made people forget about this issue. Families sat in their vehicles and took to the roads to enjoy the drop in temperature. The atmosphere is filled with romance and ecstasy. The murmur of rain soothes many and the light drizzles with a cool and fragrant breeze refreshes the mind and soul. For a moment it takes away all the worries in the world. The feeling that rainfall in Lahore brings to the surface is like an old Bollywood film without any new age filters or effects, it is raw and full of sweet music. The rain has stirred an activity on social media where netizens posted pictures and videos of them joyfully devouring chai and pakoras while enjoying the summer rain on their balconies. Families came together to enjoy a meal in the rain and couples went out for long drives (not very long due to the high fuel price) and dinners to make the most of the great weather. Rainfall is a blessing and enjoyed by all even if it causes some inconvenience by flooding the roads. It must be relished before environmental degradation takes away this blessing as well.

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