Relations with Israel depend on Palestine’s sovereignty, says Prince Turk-al-Faisal

Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief Prince Turk-al-Faisal has criticized the dual policies of western countries and said that relations with Israel depend on the sovereignty of Palestine.

Saudi Arabia’s former Intelligence Chief Prince Turk-al-Faisal, in an interview with French TV, said that the Western world adopted strange dual policies.

He said that the whole Western world imposed all the sanctions against Russia but in 50 years the West had not imposed a single ban on Israel.

The former Saudi intelligence chief further asserted that the media reports on the establishment of KSA-Israel relations were only limited to journalistic talks.

Prince Turk-al-Faisal further said that Saudi Arabia set clear conditions for relations with Israel and the establishment of relations with Israel was subject to an independent Palestinian state.

He claimed the conditions for a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of Palestinian refugees were part of a peace plan put forward by the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaz.