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Resurgence of terror in Karachi

A second terror strike hit Karachi in less than a month. This time an improvised explosive device (IED) was used to target a vehicle belonging to the Pakistan Coast Guard that claimed the life of a passerby and injured 13 other persons. The second terror bid in Karachi has renewed concerns about the security situation in the city. So far no group or organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, there is a long list of suspects due to the muddled and complex security situation in Karachi as well as the ongoing conflict of the state with various militant groups like Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Baloch insurgents. The latter had claimed the responsibility for the first terrorist attack in Karachi last month when a female suicide bomber blew herself up at Karachi University. The possibility that militants affiliated with Islamic State (IS) carried out this attack can also be not ruled out either. Till the completion of thorough investigations, nothing can be said precisely about who was behind the latest terror bid. The demography of Karachi and its vulnerability to terrorism and crime due to the existence of diverse groups and communities are some of the reasons for making the city an easy target for subversive activities. The criminals and terrorists from all across the country can easily come, hide, and launch terror attacks at will in Karachi. The latest attack shows that the networks of terrorists still exist in the city and they strike whenever they find an opportunity. There is a need to develop an effective intelligence network in Karachi. The only way to get rid of terrorists, criminals and mafias is to have better intelligence and data sharing as well as coordination among different security agencies.

In order to fight the scourge of terrorism, the cooperation of the people in pointing out suspects is also very essential. It is obvious that the war against terror cannot be won without the support and cooperation of common citizens. In every society, its citizens can act as the eyes and ears of the state. They can be very helpful in finding out hidden terrorists and their accomplices who try to sabotage peace by finding vulnerable situations, which abound in our country. The people need to cooperate with the security agencies to eliminate terrorism. They have to come forward for the cleansing of the country from all the terror mongers who pose a threat to the country’s integrity. Everyone needs to be alert to the threat of terror and must keep an eye out for suspicious elements and objects. Karachi is a teeming city with more than 20 million souls and layered complications. There are multi-dimensional issues that need a sincere approach to be tackled efficaciously. There is certainly no room for complacency. The role of the law enforcement agencies in bringing peace is very important in the wake of the ongoing operation against the TTP and IS militants. It is suffice to say that the security agencies need to take pre-emptive measures based on good intelligence to thwart such attacks.



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