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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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EditorialReturn of Imran to National Assembly

Return of Imran to National Assembly

Following the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly and the announcement of firm preparations to dissolve the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly, the ousted prime minister Imran Khan has proclaimed his intention to return to the National Assembly in a dramatic turn of events. Not just his party but also his opponents have been taken aback by Imran Khan, who is known for doing U-turns. The PTI’s prospective comeback to the National Assembly is being discussed in the context of the intention to remove Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and the caretaker system. The PTI is currently seeking legal advice on whether it is possible to bind its MNAs to vote in accordance with party policy in the event of a no-trust motion and how to do it without actually participating in the assembly. On Imran’s orders, the majority of PTI MNAs left the parliament in April, although several dissidents, like opposition leader Riaz and Noor Alam Khan, are still present.

The administration should be happy to see Imran Khan back in the assembly because it would help the phoney opposition-run house regain its legitimacy. To discuss a caretaker setup, Imra must be present in the assembly. Mass resignations from the National Assembly were already declared by the PTI in April, a day after party leader Imran Khan was dismissed as prime minister following a no-confidence vote and just before Shehbaz Sharif was chosen to succeed him.

Instead of congratulating Imran on his return to the National Assembly, spoiler Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said, “We will welcome back” PTI MNAs to the National Assembly if they were to return. However, any discussion over a caretaker setup can only be held once the government’s mandated tenure expires in August.

The former prime minister, who thinks he is the establishment’s most recent target, could benefit from a level playing field with his return to the assembly. The PTI chairman has been railing against the powers that be for, in his words, becoming neutral ever since the changing sands of Pakistan’s perilous political terrain caught up with him last April. However, Mr. Khan has recently claimed that these individuals are using political scheming to prevent him from gaining power, and a number of recent happenings in the nation seem to confirm this claim. The PTI leader alleged that his party members were being pushed to leave him on the grounds that he had no political future and had been marked with a “red line” a few days before to the Punjab chief minister asking for a trust vote from the provincial parliament. Mr. Khan referred to those who wished to write him off as “arrogant” and lacking in political knowledge, and he promised that with the help of his fans, he would knock down the obstacles put in his way. Only the citizens of this nation have the authority to impose boundaries on anyone.

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