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SC takes action against unlawful police transfers and postings

The Supreme Court barred provincial governments from posting or transferring police officers without authorization on Thursday.

The order was made by a bench of the Supreme Court, presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial, as it was deliberating a case involving alleged political influence in officer transfers and postings within the Punjab police.

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It was stated that all postings must comply with the Police Order 2002.

The chief justice noted that the IGP was replaced every eight months and emphasized that justifications for reassigning a police officer very hastily must be given.

The Punjab police restructuring was the subject of a 10-year report request from the top court, which also instructed other provincial governments to submit their reports. A CPO or DPO level officer shall not be fired before three years, according to the CJP.

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Additionally, he stated that a predetermined process outlined in the law might be used to carry out premature posts and transfers.

The chief justice urged preventing political meddling in police operations as well.

He said, “There is a perception that governments employ the police as a political tool. He said that political meddling caused a case involving an attempted assassination of Imran Khan to be postponed.

The CJ claimed that to register the case, an order from the Supreme Court was required.

The additional advocate general informed the court during the hearing that the police transfers and postings were undertaken following proper consultation. The Supreme Court then decided to postpone the hearing until the second week of January 2023.


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