Security forces kill 142 terrorists in last three months: reports

Security personnel has killed at least 142 terrorists in the last three months as efforts to rid the nation of terrorism continue, as per the reports.

The nation’s security forces have carried out several operations against the country’s growing terrorism, detaining terrorists and their facilitators while also thwarting several attacks over the past three months.

In the last three months, security personnel conducted 6,921 operations around the nation, arresting at least 1,007 terrorists.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) saw the conduct of 1,960 operations, of which 1,516 involved area dominance, 301 involved intelligence-based operations, and 143 involved area sanitization.

Security forces’ actions resulted in the deaths of 98 terrorists and the arrests of 540 others in K-P.

A total of 3,414 operations were carried out in Balochistan. There were 367 area sanitization operations, 2,980 area dominance operations, and 67 intelligence-based operations among them.

In operations carried out in Balochistan, security forces detained 112 militants and killed 40 terrorists.

Armed forces carried out 752 intelligence-based operations in Sindh, detaining 344 terrorists and killing three.

There were 165 intelligence-based operations in Punjab. 11 people were detained while one terrorist was killed during these operations.