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Shahzad Saleem back as DG NAB Lahore

Officer brought back due to good performance during last tenure

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal has appointed Shahzad Saleem as the director general of the accountability watchdog in Lahore.

A notification from NAB Headquarters was issued in this regard on Friday.

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The statement said that Shahzad Saleem’s performance during his earlier tenure as DG NAB Lahore during April 2017 to Dec 2021 was the main reason for his appointment.

Earlier in December 2021, he was replaced by Jameel Ahmed as DG NAB Lahore.

The notification said that the performance report of NAB Lahore during April 2017-Dec 2021 reflected that NAB Lahore held a plea bargain (PB) worth Rs14.6 billion under Saleem’s four-year command. This demonstrated a 181 percent annual increase in recoveries during the earlier tenure of NAB Lahore since its inception. This further reflected that NAB Lahore managed to recover Rs17.7 billion between the years 2000-2016. It further stated that NAB Lahore recovered Rs3.6 billion during 2021.

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Talking about indirect recoveries, under the command of Shahzad Saleem, NAB Lahore recovered Rs80.8 billion with an annual increase of 1,087 percent, whereas, the regional bureau recovered Rs23.1 billion between 2000-2016.

Shahzad Saleem also enjoyed a particular repute in NAB regarding his enforcement activities. During his first tenure as DG NAB Lahore, he managed to arrest a total of 708 accused persons in different corruption scandals.

NAB Lahore’s prosecution wing filed a corruption reference involving an estimated amount of Rs84.5 billion. During the last 16 years, the same region had filed references involving an amount of Rs53 billion. Likewise, NAB Lahore had filed references amounting to Rs6.1 billion during 2021.

Meanwhile, the conviction ratio remained 74 percent during 2021, 78 percent in 2020, 70 percent during 2019, 83 percent in 2018 and 72 percent in 2017.



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